As a reborn Christian, I am so thankful for God’s mercy and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Amen. I have been walking through the desert as a lost soul and at that time I didn’t realize I was living in the flesh for worldly idols. My appointments, schedules, plans all would crumble and I did not understand until one day as I walked listening to my meditation music. I heard God say, “You are not walking with me Robert.” I made the next phone call to a friend, Linda Wigren, and she prayed for me and gave me another phone number to Harry whose wife gave me the number to Set Free in Phelan. I called Set Free and they said they were waiting for me. I am not sure if Linda called them before I did but others had called for me because they were praying for me and worried about me. Amen. I arrived at Set Free and my worry about my family was still there, but I knew it was something I had to do and build my relationship with God again. I don’t have the words except “Wow, Thank You Lord God, Thank You Jesus Christ for your sacrifice for my salvation.” I trust in our Lord and feel the Holy Ghost, and my worry is gone and everyone is doing amazingly well. The weight has been lifted. AMEN.


Robert J. Culver

Thank You Lord!