I lost my husband, who was my everything in January, 2015. We were together for ten year. He was a heavy drinker and I became a heavy drinker. I wasn’t too much, because I got hit by a drunk driver when I was eleven years old. So when he died I stopped drinking heavily, only drinking on occasion. I started drinking to keep me busy. I hurt my shoulder at work so I couldn’t make a living. Everything just started falling apart. I guess it was a delay from the inevitable. I had no place to go and I called on the Lord to take me away from this girl who I met at work because she was doing things to make me more depressed. I called around to shelters and they couldn’t help e, no room. I called Mary’s table in San Bernardino and she gave me a number to the Women’s Ranch in Phelan. I had never heard or been in one of these places before. When I called they gave e the rules and I thought I was going to join a cult. I prayed and I came. From day one I felt the love of God. He has opened my eyes and blessed me to where I feel so much joy, I am glad I came. I was glad that I am able to build better and stronger relationship when Jesus and I won’t look back, let go, slow down, or back away from God, because I know that He loves me and He won’t forsake me or leave me. I am so blessed that He sent me to Set Free. I was lost and broken but now I am found.

–Liz Crumwell