I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior about 19 Years ago and got baptized a few weeks later. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I went to a Baptist church in San Carlos, CA and my pastor had me in a baptismal and I was a nervous wreck. Then Pastor Tom asked me, “Steve, why are you doing this?” And I replied “Because Jesus set an example.” And Pastor Tom baptized me and as I was coming up from the water I felt like an angel floating. At that time I was the only “born again” believer in my family. Then in 2001, my sister Gina had congestive heart failure and the doctors were going to make funeral arrangements because there was nothing that they could do and Gina’s heart beat was not so good. My dad, John Adams went into the prayer room and prayed and said “Lord please bring back my daughter, not for me but for her three children’s sake.” After thirty days in the hospital, Gina came out of the state she was in. I ran into her room in the ICU and grabbed her hand, and the first thing she said to me was that she wanted to become a Christian and be baptized. With tears in my eyes I said “Amen.” My dad, my sister and her three kids got baptized. Now Gina has four beautiful children. Praise God, the little one has been dedicated. In 2010, we were living in Lake Havasu, AZ and my mom passed away in her sleep and we ended up with nowhere to go, so my sister found Set Free Needles in 2011. I have been with Set Free for five years and have learned a lot about the Bible and about Jesus. I love going out and sharing the goods news with people and praying for people. My anchor verses are Romans 8:28:”All things work for good to those who love Goad and are called according to His purpose and also Psalm 51:1-10. I love the ranch here in Phelan. It is a very humble place, I love looking at the mountains covered with snow. God is good, all the time. –Steve Adams