I’ve been using for about 45 years. I was molested at a young age. I was introduced to drugs and alcohol and started using both so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hurt and the pain. As we both know, that doesn’t really work. I’ve been through many programs. I even graduated a couple. I was missing something and you know what that was? God! I‘ve learned without God in my life, I have nothing and when you’re walking with Him and keep Him first in your life, remember He will never leave you or forsake you! Now what has God done in my life? When I came to Set Free my eyes got so bad I was almost legally blind. Kerri (One of the leaders) decided I was going to be her project. Thanks to her and Set Free and the staff I was able to get laser surgery in both eyes. Now I have good eye sight. I had other medical issues also. I had a heart murmur. I went to a heart specialist. He took some tests and said I need a heart valve replaced. I was told I’d be in ICU for a couple of days, then in about four or five days and then sent home to recover. NOT!  I was in ICU for about a week and in the hospital for a week or more. I was really weak, so they decided to send me to a recovery place. The next day I was back in the hospital with pneumonia. God had another plan for my life, and restoration. I hadn’t seen my son for about three years. He came to see me in ICU and was able to bring my granddaughter who I’ve never seen. She’s a little over a year old. This brought me even closer to my son. And you know, it’s nothing I’ve done-it’s all by His grace. Whoever is still out there remember John 3:16” For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that each and every one of us can have eternal life. I hope I can help. Just remember to be still and know that He is God. Love You All.

Tammy Garcia