My name is Tim Fitzgerald. I have been a constant drug user and alcoholic for about eighteen years. It has brought me nothing but pain and misery, but that was all coming to an end because Jesus had bigger and better plans for me. I didn’t know it yet, but they were already established before the earth was created. I came to Christ about a year and a half ago, and I found Him at the Set Free Men’s Ranch in Phelan, CA. For the first time in my life, I finally found peace in my life. Well, after I blessed out of the ranch—well it seems like God didn’t want me to leave because there was still a lot of work to do with me, but I blessed out thinking that I would be fine, but that was not the case. Six months ago my mother took her own life. Well, I didn’t know how to handle it. It seems like instantly I forgot what I had learned at Set Free and went back to what I knew how to do-self medicate and walk a dark path. But thanks to the Lord’s love, He never took his eyes off me and brought me back to the Set Free. I have been living at the Men’s Ranch now for about six months. I now know what it finally means to be part of a family, and thanks to my brothers and sisters of this family, I have accomplished more here at the Men’s Ranch than in my whole life. So I am proud to call Set Free Men’s Ranch my home and proud to call Jesus my Lord. So thank you Jesus for loving me always. Amen.