My life has been like a movie from when I was young until now. Growing up in a good family I felt like I was in a Disney Channel Show. Life felt right until my parents got divorced. Nothing was right. I enjoyed having my stepdad in my life because I never had a dad before. But my mom always told me he was not a good father figure. I watched my mom go through a depression for years and I never knew what was going on between them both. I ended up feeling alone and depressed so I moved out of my parents house and moved in with my friends. It was not until my twentieth birthday when I saw my stepdad with another son, I felt like my life was fake and I no longer wanted to live I was sick with a meth addiction that felt completely normal to me. I never felt so free, killing myself slowly and without a care in the world. I remember one night sitting on my best friend’s floor, I had nothing else to smoke and a wave of depression came upon me. I wanted to rip out my hair and end my life, but for some reason, I cried out to God. I told God to take my life, and He did.When my life started crumbling down more and more, I kept a smile on my face and brought all of my problems to Him. Everything I asked Him for He gave me. I never felt alone again. When I had nowhere to go He closed the door to everywhere that had shelter except fort “Set Free.” I’ve been growing much more with this Spirit that God has given me. Not only this but I’m seeing where my life needs more improvement. God has brought me this far in my life to be a light in the darkness of this world. Everyday is still a battle with the flesh that I was born with, but the way I fight my battles is with Jesus Christ and My God.

–Tyrice Holliday 11/22/17