Leadership Testimonies

Kerri Monroe

My name is Kerri. I have been with Set Free since 2011. This is not my first time at the ranch; however this is my first time out here at Phelan Ranch. I have blessed out twice, completed second-phase, and was out on my own for eight months. I knew that I was starting to slip and quickly fell. I called the ranch and did a phone interview, was packed and ready to go to Lake Elsinore Ranch, when all the calls started coming in, as I had been with Set Free Yucaipa for years. Pastor Willie said, “You’re going to Phelan Ranch, not for a refocus,” as my plans were thirty days. So after being told, “not Lake Elsinore Ranch and not thirty days,” do the sixty days. I didn’t understand why, because I caused to get my focus back on Jesus, and I knew my God was a God of second chances.

I got to Phelan Ranch on February 27th, 2016, and I knew my bless our date was April 27th, 2016. What I didn’t know was how far I was from my God. Yes, I read my proverbs, and chapters, and Bible Studies, but it wasn’t until I stayed at the ranch past ninety days, I  started to really learn what an intimate relationship was with God. I was way out here in Phelan, not in my comfy zone of Yucaipa. I was finally going to God first, and in prayer about everything.

As soon as I completely got out of the way of God and I learned to trust God with everything, not just what I thought I couldn’t control, God moved into my heart, I was learning about the Holy Spirit, and little by little, God started answering prayers, showing me he has better plans than I could ever imagine, and most of all he loves those I love so much, more than I do. Then I quit counting the time, quit worrying about what next second-phase here or there. I had finally come to the point in my life, it was not my will, it’s God’s will in my life, not my plans, His plans.

I’m coming up on two years here at the Phelan Ranch and I have no plans to go back into second-phase as I know that I’m right in the middle of God’s will, and he will let me know when and where I am to go, and I will have calm assurance and peace of mind that it’s God guiding my steps.  I will keep serving the Lord, being that woman of God I was called to be, and having God use me for His glory. My bless out scripture was Philippians 1:6 and I can quote it, but I can finally and truly say I get it; this time being my third and hoping and praying my last and that “the scripture” lines up perfectly with my life, my God isn’t finished with me.

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ “ (Phil 1:6 NKJV)

I serve a mighty awesome God. Amen—-Kerri Monroe